Dakota Grass Fed Steak Cuts
Dakota Grass Fed Steak Cut

Grass Fed Revolution


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Dakota Beef brings the best grass fed beef to the shelves of grocery stores in the United States. We source beef in the United States, Uruguay and Australia, working with producers, farmers and ranchers in these countries to obtain grass-fed, organic and natural beef that tastes the way beef should taste, with no added hormones or antibiotics.

All of our farmers and ranchers, no matter where they live, are committed to raising cattle allowed to graze on lush, nutrient-rich grassy plains, to providing records for traceability and to humanely handle the processing of the cattle. All of that matters to us at Dakota.

Here’s a look at three countries Dakota uses, places where the best beef matters, beef that is lean, and full of flavor and potential health benefits.

Dakota’s US Grass fed Beef

Dakota rounds out the picture with beef from cattle grazed on mineral-rich pastures in the Northwest, where the cattle are “grass fed and grass finished.” The cattle get no grain, added hormones, GMOs or antibiotics as they are raised. Ranchers also agree to open their facilities to random auditing visits for checks that they consistently meet those standards.


In Uruguay, where cattle outnumber the country’s residents nearly 4 to 1, cattle roam Las Pampas, the wide open, rolling hills covered with lush grasses where the cattle graze freely.

Uruguay’s cattle heritage runs deep—the Spanish brought cattle to these plains centuries ago, and cattle have flourished on Las Pampas, where gauchos, Uruguayan cowboys, tend the herds. Uruguay—as a country—cares deeply about the farm-to-table concept. Our producers know exactly where the cattle come from and, just as importantly, our ranchers know exactly where and how their cattle are processed.


Dakota’s grass fed cattle from Australia graze on the rich grasslands (90 percent of Australia’s farmland is dedicated to grazing) of New South Wales and Queensland, as well as the Channel Country and the lovely sounding Darling Downs. Australia’s grasslands have been ideal grazing lands for cattle for generations, and the allure of the cowboy culture of Australia’s outback still brings people into the country.  _