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  • Organic Flat Iron Steak

    Organic Flat Iron Steak

    Dakota flat irons are a perfect steak to cook with an indirect, slow-grilling method. This cut has a fair amount of marbling and comes from the chuck. Serve sliced.

  • Organic Ribeye Steak

    Organic Ribeye Steak

    Dakota ribeye steaks are the ultimate in marbling and flavor. Salt, pepper and a quick sear on the grill and you’re done!

  • Organic Sirloin Steak

    Organic Sirloin Steak

    Some say it’s the “beefiest” of all cuts.  Our grass fed sirloin steaks are wonderful at medium rare off a hot grill. Try serving them sliced with garlic butter and roasted potatoes!

  • Organic Skirt Steak

    Organic Skirt Steak

    An increasingly popular cut, known for flavor and texture. A great option for fajitas or carne asada tacos!

  • Organic Strip Steak

    Organic Strip Steak

    Our strip steaks have a robust flavor with exceptional tenderness. And they require minimal seasoning or preparation. Recommended for high heat grilling!

  • Organic Tenderloin

    Organic Tenderloin

    Whether it’s called a tenderloin or filet mignon, you know it as the tenderest cut of beef. Our grass fed filet goes great with reduction sauces and your favorite bottle of vino.