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Natural Roast Cuts

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  • Natural Chuck Shoulder Roast

    Natural Chuck Shoulder Roast

    Slow-cooking is the way to go with this steak. Great for braising in broth and wine, served with a crusty French bread.

  • Natural Eye of Round

    Natural Eye of Round

    A very lean cut that works great for slow roasting. Season heavily with a salt, garlic and herb rub - and plan for at least a couple of hours of delicious smells coming from your oven.

  • Natural London Broil

    Natural London Broil

    A classic beef cut we make out of the top round. Marinate overnight, sear to no more than medium-rare and slice thinly across the grain.

  • Natural Pot Roast

    Natural Pot Roast

    The ultimate comfort food for the Grass Fed Revolutionary. Just like mom used to make, but better for you!

  • Natural Rump Roast

    Natural Rump Roast

    Whether you dry roast or braise, a rump roast is a classic meal for an occasion with guests and family.

  • Natural Stew Meat

    Natural Stew Meat

    Convenient chunks of lean, grass fed beef ready for stew and chili. Add bold flavors and let it simmer!

  • Natural Tri-Tip Roast

    Natural Tri-Tip Roast

    A great cut of beef to slow-smoke. Marinate overnight and smoke it for a couple of hours and your barbecue guests will be amazed!